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Giovanni Bononcini (Modena, 1670 - Vienna, 1747), was one of the most well known musicians of his time. He was in competition with Haendel in London, and was guest of the European courts, influencing the musical taste.
As well as numerous musicians of his time, Bononcini has been mostly ignored, that is because musical sources are scattered: Bononcini's music (spread all over the Europe) is unpublished, apart from several exception, and we have not an updated catalogue of his production. The difficulty to find musical sources explain why there is no published music, and of course, the rare performances and recording.

Arcadia Foundation has started a project with the aim to recover and reveal some of Giovanni Bononcini's production. The project includes

1. Website, Contains the complete catalogue of works (searchable database), illustrations, bibliography and discography and other resources.

2. Publications:
      Publisher LIM, Lucca, series Fondazione Arcadia - Musiche Italiane del Settecento edited by Foundation Arcadia's scientific board.

3. Performance

Concerts of chosen works with Accademia d'Arcadia (September 2008: Festival MITO, Oratorio "La conversione di Maddalena"; October 2008 Arcadia in musica, Unpublished cantatas; September 2010 Festival MITO, serenata "Amore non vuol diffidenza").

The project has been achieved in cooperation with:

The whole project, this website and the publications will be presented in Milano, October 25th 2011, at Teatro Litta (corso Magenta 24), 11.00 A. M.

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